Electric Cars

We are pressing for more public Electric Vehicle chargers in Wedmore and will keep you updated as and when they are available.  Currently, there are two in the courtyard in front of the George Inn behind Table Eight.

The government still gives a subsidy to electric vehicle (EV) owners to have a charger fitted to their properties. These are best suited to those fortunate enough to have off road parking. With the price of petrol/diesel it is far more economical to drive an EV, and, as there are far fewer moving and mechanical parts, they are much easier and therefore cheaper to service.  Also you can drive into Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), which already exist in Bristol, Bath and London, without paying a huge charge or fine.

One of the concerns people have with EVs is where to charge their car on long journeys, and how long it takes to do so.  There are more and more fast and rapid charging points becoming available and they can make a good opportunity for a driving break and a meal while the car is being charged.  Gloucester Services, on the M5, is particularly worth a visit as they have a very good restaurant and a lovely farmers market. Many supermarkets have a charging point.