A startling statistic is that 50% of all car journeys in the UK are of less than 2 miles, a distance that can be walked in 40 minutes and cycled in less than 10 minutes by any reasonably able-bodied person.  Figures from 2020 show that cycling represented only 1.8% of all traffic in Great Britain with cars and taxis making up 73.4%.  The UK lags well behind many European countries in terms of the proportion of journeys cycled being in 22nd place out of 27 countries: examples include the Netherlands with 27%, Hungary with 22%, Sweden with 16.5%, Denmark with 16%, Finland with 13.4%, Germany with 11.8%.

Though in the UK  there is very little proper provision for cycling in the form of routes that are separated from motorised traffic, roads out of Wedmore leading to nearby conurbations such as Cheddar, Wells and Glastonbury, are relatively safe without too great a density of traffic.  It is also easy to select routes along minor roads which, though narrow, have less traffic.  If you are reasonably fit, journeys of 5-10 miles each way should be within your compass and journey times are often only a little more than going by car.  The benefits of cycling are obvious: mental and physical wellbeing are promoted, there are no carbon emissions, it is cheap, you don’t have to worry about parking; you can probably think of others. 

The Somerset Circle

There are many people who are striving to improve the local cycling infrastructure including an exciting aspiration to create The Somerset Circle, a 76-mile traffic-free circuit linking Bristol, Bath, the Mendip Hills, the Somerset Levels and the coast. Over two thirds (about 50 miles) of this potential route has already been completed, but a major hurdle is completing the section along what used to be the Strawberry line linking Cheddar with Wells and Shepton Mallet.  There is still much work to be done with several obstructive landowners holding back significant progress. Here’s a link:

Electric Bikes

The recent development of electric bikes has encouraged reluctant cyclists and non-cyclists to take to two wheels.  Though you must pedal, the electric motor can make progress easy even up hills.  They are still quite expensive but their popularity means that good second-hand bikes are becoming available.  Journeys well in excess of 20 miles can be contemplated.  Before buying, do some research; you might also like to hire an e-bike for a day: Nina Bell hires them out and is conveniently located close to Wedmore:  You can easily find other outlets.

Local bike repairers and retailers