Aviation presents a particular problem as the number of flights taken is predicted to increase significantly over the coming years which flies (excuse pun) in the face of plans drastically to cut emissions. Added to that is the fact that most flying is done in the pursuit of pleasure by the wealthier segment of the population unlike the use of the car which is often for reasons of necessity such as work, shopping, medical appointments etc.; over 70% of all UK flights are taken by 15% of the population. 50% of people never fly. These figures are reflected globally: nearly 90% of the world’s population have never flown. Little over 1% of people are responsible for the majority of flights. The damage done to the atmosphere by the emission of gases is greatly magnified by the height at which they are released and the cocktail of gases other than CO2 which are involved. Tempting as it is for many people, because it is relatively cheap with no VAT on tickets and no tax on aviation fuel, flying should be strictly rationed by those who care about the climate crisis and preferably avoided altogether. The travel agent in Wedmore promotes a carbon offsetting scheme involving planting trees but, though, arguably, better than nothing, this smacks of ‘greenwash’ and might serve only to appease people’s consciences and encourage them to fly more! For more information about flying and the climate crisis, check out Flight Free at https://flightfree.co.uk/