Transport is the UK’s largest source of emissions, responsible for 28% of greenhouse gases in 2020. Of this, 55% comes from cars.  Aviation is responsible for 7% (2018).   Cars have got larger with many people electing to buy SUVs which are heavily advertised worldwide.  It is said that were all the SUVs in existence a country, their combined CO2 emissions would make it the world’s sixth biggest polluter. So our advice is to buy the smallest, most economical car appropriate for your needs and, if and when you can afford to, buy an electric car. 

How can people living rurally in villages like Wedmore and its environs reduce their transport carbon footprint?  This poses a greater challenge than for city and large town dwellers where amenities and work tend to be closer at hand and public transport operates reasonably well.  Consequently, in rural locations there is a greater reliance on the car.  Unfortunately, public transport provision in the form of buses is very poor so that these cannot be relied upon to get people to and from their destinations at times that suit them.

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