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Christchurch Treasure Project

The churchyard, God’s acre, is one of the most enduring
features of the landscape. Together with the church it forms the
physical as well as the spiritual centre of the community.

It is the most sacred and usually the most ancient enclosure in
the parish. Some churchyards may be even older than the church
itself, having their roots in pre-Christian ceremony.

The memorials, public and private, are a tangible link
between the inhabitants today and their forebears. The
churchyard is the centre of communal worship and celebration,
the site of the most important occasions of life, baptism, marriage
and burial.

John Talbot White

The project seeks to bring people closer through the opening
up and sharing of our sacred community space, whilst also
celebrating its biodiversity and wildlife – with a focus on how
we can build on what is currently there.

To help us with our project we are talking to Somerset Botany Group
who help with survey work for the Wilder Churches initiative – we hope
we can arrange a study over the coming months – we can then reflect upon it over the summer.

Dave Sayers our wonderful volunteer mower man has agreed to
continue to cut the lower burial ground grass and make wide pathways
which will be maintained on the grassy areas on the East and West sides
of the church. All areas with cremation tablets will be mowed and/or
strimmed and around the war memorial this area will also be mowed.

We will be looking to add bird, bat, bee and hedgehog homes, the
addition of further wildflower seed mixes (suitable for our soil type and
area) and perennials (e.g. Field Scabious and Ox-eye daisy). Our aim is
to create a haven for bees, birds and butterflies.

We seek to build on the earlier work of nature recording on iNaturalist.
To join us in this work please download the app and join the Theale
Somerset Recording Group – which is registered under the projects tab.

One of the aims of the project will be to manage the land in the most
effective way for nature and for humans too – we seek to find the right

We will be investing in a water butt for the watering of plants and

We will also be investing in some signs to explain the aims and
ethos behind the burial ground stewardship of protecting and
rejuvenating our treasured little corner of the village.

Birds in the burial ground – we are very fortunate to have access
to some fantastic cutting edge bird recording equipment – Wilder Sensing uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the sounds recorded by simple audio devises and identifies which species of bird are using the site. We are grateful to Geoff Carss of Wilder Sensing for providing us with this equipment. Further info:

For more information, see the document below:

Campaign Wilder Wedmore

The Student & Youth Group Environmental Bursary Awards 2024

(A legacy project funded by the Wilder Wedmore Nature Festival 2023)

Are you a student looking to make a difference in the world?

This bursary is for all students who want to join in our mission for environmental sustainability, to apply you must reside within the parish of Wedmore*

  • Primary School age award up to £200
  • Middle School age award up to £300
  • Upper School age award up to £350
  • A Wedmore based youth group £500

Green Wedmore is offering 3 age group bursaries and one youth group bursary.  To apply, please fill in this form:

Try and make your project unique, innovative and as ECO as possible! Closing date for your entry is 18th February 2024.  The awards will be announced at our Green Wedmore meeting on 29th February 2024 at 7.30pm Bluebird Cafe

If you have any questions, please email:

*Check you qualify – do you live in one of these villages or hamlets?

Blackford, Bagley, Blakeway, Clewer, Crickham, Cocklake, Heath House, Latcham, Little Ireland, Middle Stoughton, Mudgley, Panborough, Sand, Stoughton Cross, Washbrook, West End, West Ham, Alston Sutton, West Stoughton, Newtown, central Wedmore and Theale.

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Walk to Terry’s & Gooseham Community Wood

Wilder Wedmore has left several legacies, such as the Somerset Eel Recovery Project. Another is a step by step guide, helping people to reconnect to nature, it has been sponsored by Morpheus Environmental Consulting. The guide helps people access Terry’s & Gooseham Community Woodlands.

News Wilder Wedmore

Somerset Eel Recovery Project

SERP is a joint initiative between Green Wedmore and the Sustainable Eel Group – a Europe wide science led organisation

SERP was developed as an initiative from our Wilder Wedmore Nature Festival held in June 2023.

Checkout the new website for links to the charter, and social media: