Car Club

Car Club allows you to drive a lovely new car that’s just round the corner without any of the cost and hassle of owning it yourself. 

Members only pay for the actual journeys they make, saving the planet and a large chunk of their disposable income along the way

Booking a car couldn’t be easier:


Once you join it takes just seconds to log in to our booking area and reserve your car. Or you can book over the phone for a small charge.

Jump in

Hold your membership card over the card reader on the windscreen to unlock the car. Once you’re inside the car, tap your PIN into the on-board computer, and grab the keys

Drive away

It’s all yours; care-free driving, courtesy of Car Club.

Great idea yes?? Unfortunately we don’t yet have such a service in Wedmore. If you would like to take the project forward with backing from GW, please contact Steve.