May 2024

Outstanding Actions

Green Wall Talk: Following the guest speaker last month there was some discussion about the credentials of ‘green walls’ particularly given the amount of plastic, maintenance and energy required to keep them. We remain on the lookout for an eco-friendly version.

Event Updates

Wellbeing Day – the event on 4th May was well attended. Tristan spoke to lots of people about Wedmore Village Farm.

Worthington Woods Work Party – Initial date delayed due to the weather and a new date is set for 16th June. Action – All please attend with tools if able to help.

Fundraising – No Street Fair this year. Wedmore First School are holding a Summer Fair on Friday 19th July at 3:20pm. Invite for stalls is open. Possibly one for Tristan and the farm?

Group Reports


Bus team attended Wellbeing day. Lots of interest but common complaint was about lack of buses returning in the evenings making trips out impractical. Cross-border issues with councils still remain on some routes.

No update from Emily this meeting. A presentation event at IOW Bowls Club is in the diary for 10th September. All welcome.

Wedmore Village Farm were successful securing funding from the Wedmore Power Co-Op to supply a solar array. This will allow them to continue operating off-grid for power.

Wilder Wedmore
Geoff Carrs will be appearing on BBC Springwatch on Tuesday 4th June discussing his Wilder Sensing business. Well done Geoff!

Theale Churchyard Project
The County Recorder recently attended and conducted a plant survey. 92 different species were recorded in the grounds including quaking grasses. Hugely diverse for such a small space. Now this has been concluded, the management plan and mowing can re-commence. Geoff has loaned some bird sensors which are being used to monitor species visiting. It is hoped these could be loaned to other community groups/schools etc to help them better understand the wildlife on their land.


The new woodland at Wedmore Village Farm is coming along well with over 250 saplings now planted. The Community Tree Nursery has about 55 trees. Thank you to everyone who has donated trees so far.


The Wedmore Village Farm continues to grow. With successful funding for solar, and the plan to renovate the old wind turbine.

The first few deliveries of salads to local business Bluebird Café have been well received. The honesty box stall at the entrance has been renovated and will soon start selling surplus veg and flowers.

A funding application has gone in to the Bluebird Community fund for a new sharing library to be based at WVF with the help of Men’s Shed.


Kate and Russ were congratulated on their ‘Enviro Quilt’ a handmade quilt featuring lots of different eco issues. It was launched at the Wedmore Festival Art Exhibition and is already booked in for more community events.

Anthony gave a word of warning after suffering an expensive invasion of jackdaws underneath his solar panels which subsequently caused a lot of damage to the roof. Check regularly for wildlife – birds, squirrels etc and install guards.

Steve discussed the key role of Somerset Wildlife Trust in terms of advocacy for nature and the climate emergency. Much work would be done over the general election campaign to question candidates on their views and plans. SWT will be attending local hustings and holding an online Somerset hustings event on 19th June where reps from all local candidates will be invited to.

Guest Speaker – Vanessa gave an update on the work of the Somerset Eel Recovery Project and their charter, including the eel conference planned for 5th July, straw rope workshops, tanks in schools project, eDNA sampling, collecting social history stories and much more.


February 2024

Outstanding Actions

Wellbeing Day – To be held on the 4th May. Green Wedmore will have a joint stand with the Village Farm. Venessa volunteered to create graphics if needed when the time comes.

Terry’s Community Orchard – There was a good turnout and 8 fruit trees were planted in memory of Rob, Liz and Rosie. Thank you to everyone who turned up to lend a hand despite the rain, and thanks to Adam for all his work.

Green Wall – Alan will come for the April Meeting to talk about the possibilities of having a green wall in Wedmore.

Event Updates

Big Tidy Up – 3 rd March, meet as usual at 10am in Suzanne’s Yard, Borough House, The Borough. Big thanks to Venetia and David for organising the event.
Freecycle – 14th April has been chosen as the date and Parish Council are happy for us to use the car park.
Polden environment Network – Meeting 21 st March at Cossington Village Hall at 7pm

Group Reports

There will be a stall at Wellbeing Day about the buses in Wedmore and to ask the community how they would want it improved.

Solar Panels have been installed on Wedmore Scout Hut and have been up and working since the 26 th Feb. 6kw have also been added on Bagley Church. There have been 2 new installs this month taking the total to 89, currently generating about 600kw.
Emily has also met up with Tony to discuss doing something similar in Compton Bishop and Weare. There is a meeting on the 12 th March at Cross Memorial Hall discussing solar power. Bowls Club would like to hold an event there, possibly in partnership with Green Wedmore.The date to be decided in the next few weeks. Venessa suggested we could do a film showing there.

(Wilder Wedmore)
There were three applicants for the Youth bursary fund and Green Wedmore have decided to award all three.
These are as follows:

  • Willow wants to encourage children to read books about nature and is using the bursary to try and set up a little library of books. She would appreciate donations of children’s books about nature.
  • Scouts have taken on an allotment space and are going to use the bursary to buy equipment to use that space and grow plants.
  • Wedmore First School is going to use the bursary to buy a canopy so the children can do forest school in all weather.

Worthington Woods has been thriving and Venessa has noticed lots of animal tracks. Will hasn’t started mowing yet as there has been too much rain.
Work Party, probably in April

SM has organised Alan the Green Wall installer to come for April’s meeting.


The Wedmore Village Farm is moving along, hedgerows have been planted and raised beds have been made to grow food for food banks. Thank you to Tristan, Men’s shed and volunteers for all their help. There will be an open day on 23 rd March from 10am until 3.
Tickets are free and can be bought on Eventbrite.
There is limited parking so please walk or cycle if possible

SM has started a community tree nursery at the farm, and is looking for trees in pots that are no longer wanted.

News Newsletter

January 2024

Event Updates

Wedmore by Lamplight – Event went well, great to meet and chat to people, and update on Village Farm. Next year, maybe mulled cider or wine would go down better? Thanks to all who helped.

Warm in Wedmore – Very busy both days. Thanks to all who helped host, bake or make soup, especially David Hopkins for organising.

Isle of Wedmore Society Talk – SM will be presenting on the new Village Farm. All welcome, Thursday 25th January, 7:30pm Masonic Hall. £4 entrance. Please come and support.

Theale Churchyard Project – Launch Sunday 28th January 10am at Theale Church. Special service followed by tree planting. Everyone welcome. Well done Vanessa on this Wilder Wetmore legacy project which will include new enviro-stewardship of the burial ground, installation of bird boxes, a water butt, planning for the butterfly corridor, survey of bird visitors and more. £500 was donated by Green Wedmore for this.

Big Tidy Up – 3rd March, meet as usual at 10am in Suzanne’s Yard, Borough House, The Borough. It’s believed this will be our 15th year of Big Tidy Ups.

Freecycle – Date proposed for 14th April. SM to approach Parish Council re use of car park. DH Signage.

Wellbeing Day – To be held 4th May. Awaiting further details on times and venue, but volunteers are needed to staff a GW stand and most importantly someone to lead as Steve is away.

Repair Café – To discuss next date

Terry’s Community Orchard – Sunday 25th February at 10.30am. There will be a work party to do some pruning and replace some tree stakes. Thanks to Adam for all his work. Most importantly we will be planting some fruit trees in memory of Rob, Liz and Rosie.

Group Reports



Rupert had been put in touch with a charity On Your Bike who promote the benefits of bike use. They accept donations of old bikes and recycle them, offer maintenance courses and organise events. Suggested Wedmore host one in Spring/Summer.

Some more communication from Alistair at the PC, plans for Pilcorn Street footpath are still ongoing, possibly more Speed Indicator Devices and the 20mph limit is being discussed.


A further install has taken place at the Bowls Club, a 48kw Solar Array (120 extra panels to add to the system that they already had) plus 2xTesla Powerwalls. Sunlit have also become a sponsor at the Bowls Club. 

Sunlit Solar have recently donated a further £150 to Green Wedmore – many thanks. There have been 3 new installs this month (plus 3 more booked in) taking the total to 87. Currently installed 549.6kW.

Hopefully the Wedmore Scout Hut project will start soon (wifi issues on site). Bagley Church have had more panels installed and Badgworth Village Hall have just received a grant.  

Ben advised that he had recently taken part in a domestic smart meter trial (Demand Flexibility Service) and suggested it was very interesting and beneficial if anyone is offered a trial by their provider. More info here

Wilder Wedmore

The youth bursary fund for young people to apply with their own nature projects has been launched. Closing date is 18 February. It has been promoted to schools, youth groups and in the IOW News. Full details here

Vanessa and Geoff recently attended a meeting with Berrow Conservation Group, very positive feedback.


Good work party over Christmas at Worthington Woods. Will Jackson soon to start mowing, with wider paths and more access routes. This is being funded by the Food Forest Project.

SM mentioned an excellent Adaptation toolkit which he will re-introduce at a future meeting for workshopping. It is currently being trialled with Glastonbury Action Plan.

SM has met a local Green Wall installer and keen to explore possible options for Wedmore.



The Wedmore Village Farm is moving apace. A crowdfunder has been launched Other funding applications are in. It’s possible Green Wedmore may offer a loan, awaiting more details on the financials. To be discussed further.

SM to deliver talk to IOW Society on the plans. Provisional official launch date of 26th March has been set. Everyone welcome to go and visit and see progress.


Kate is currently working on an ‘Enviro Quilt’ a handmade quilt featuring lots of different eco issues. She stated it would be available to local groups to borrow and display when finished. Anyone interested in finding out more please email

News of the potential closure of Cheddar Recycling Centre. Petition has been launched

Melvyn expressed concerns about the acoustics at the Bluebird. He is finding it difficult to hear. Possible options for a new venue – Theale Village Hall, Blackford Village Hall, Parish Council Office.

Still vacancies for the post of Vice Chair at Joint Secretary. Imogen volunteered to take on Joint Sec role, at least until September. Ben has offered to take on the Vice Chair post. Huge thanks to both.

Vanessa advised that there is a log beehive workshop day at Plotgate Farm on 25th February and Chalice Well, the World Peace Garden in Glastonbury are keen to have one too.

Next meeting – Thursday 29th February 2024 7:30pm (venue to be advised)

Campaign Wilder Wedmore

Christchurch Treasure Project

The churchyard, God’s acre, is one of the most enduring
features of the landscape. Together with the church it forms the
physical as well as the spiritual centre of the community.

It is the most sacred and usually the most ancient enclosure in
the parish. Some churchyards may be even older than the church
itself, having their roots in pre-Christian ceremony.

The memorials, public and private, are a tangible link
between the inhabitants today and their forebears. The
churchyard is the centre of communal worship and celebration,
the site of the most important occasions of life, baptism, marriage
and burial.

John Talbot White

The project seeks to bring people closer through the opening
up and sharing of our sacred community space, whilst also
celebrating its biodiversity and wildlife – with a focus on how
we can build on what is currently there.

To help us with our project we are talking to Somerset Botany Group
who help with survey work for the Wilder Churches initiative – we hope
we can arrange a study over the coming months – we can then reflect upon it over the summer.

Dave Sayers our wonderful volunteer mower man has agreed to
continue to cut the lower burial ground grass and make wide pathways
which will be maintained on the grassy areas on the East and West sides
of the church. All areas with cremation tablets will be mowed and/or
strimmed and around the war memorial this area will also be mowed.

We will be looking to add bird, bat, bee and hedgehog homes, the
addition of further wildflower seed mixes (suitable for our soil type and
area) and perennials (e.g. Field Scabious and Ox-eye daisy). Our aim is
to create a haven for bees, birds and butterflies.

We seek to build on the earlier work of nature recording on iNaturalist.
To join us in this work please download the app and join the Theale
Somerset Recording Group – which is registered under the projects tab.

One of the aims of the project will be to manage the land in the most
effective way for nature and for humans too – we seek to find the right

We will be investing in a water butt for the watering of plants and

We will also be investing in some signs to explain the aims and
ethos behind the burial ground stewardship of protecting and
rejuvenating our treasured little corner of the village.

Birds in the burial ground – we are very fortunate to have access
to some fantastic cutting edge bird recording equipment – Wilder Sensing uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the sounds recorded by simple audio devises and identifies which species of bird are using the site. We are grateful to Geoff Carss of Wilder Sensing for providing us with this equipment. Further info:

For more information, see the document below:

Campaign Wilder Wedmore

The Student & Youth Group Environmental Bursary Awards 2024

(A legacy project funded by the Wilder Wedmore Nature Festival 2023)

Are you a student looking to make a difference in the world?

This bursary is for all students who want to join in our mission for environmental sustainability, to apply you must reside within the parish of Wedmore*

  • Primary School age award up to £200
  • Middle School age award up to £300
  • Upper School age award up to £350
  • A Wedmore based youth group £500

Green Wedmore is offering 3 age group bursaries and one youth group bursary.  To apply, please fill in this form:

Try and make your project unique, innovative and as ECO as possible! Closing date for your entry is 18th February 2024.  The awards will be announced at our Green Wedmore meeting on 29th February 2024 at 7.30pm Bluebird Cafe

If you have any questions, please email:

*Check you qualify – do you live in one of these villages or hamlets?

Blackford, Bagley, Blakeway, Clewer, Crickham, Cocklake, Heath House, Latcham, Little Ireland, Middle Stoughton, Mudgley, Panborough, Sand, Stoughton Cross, Washbrook, West End, West Ham, Alston Sutton, West Stoughton, Newtown, central Wedmore and Theale.

News Newsletter

November 2023

Event Updates

Big Tidy Up – This was well attended, thank you everyone who helped. Seemed to be less litter, although may be because vegetation hadn’t died back yet.

Repair Café – Big thank you to Mike and his repairers and to Lisa. 50 – 60 items were fixed!

Terry’s Community Orchard – Sunday 3rd December at 10.30am. There will be a work party to do some pruning and replace some tree stakes. Thanks to Adam for all his work. There will be a follow-up planting session in January for trees in memory of Rob, Liz and Rosie. Details to follow.

Wedmore by Lamplight – Wednesday 13th December 6pm. It was agreed we would have a joint stall with the Village Farm. Cookbooks to be sold.

Warm in Wedmore 10th and 11th January. GW will be hosting please come along to either help, provide a cake or pop in for a coffee!

Group Reports



Still awaiting updates on the Pilcorn Street Footpath project.

Discussion about the level of school run traffic. It was mentioned that Lindsey has asked in IOW News for resident views and concerns to feed into Local Community Network. This is our opportunity to all raise issues (transport, access, planning environmental issues etc.)


It was reported that the Solar 1000 project has been re-publicised. There have been 6 new installs this month taking the total to 84. Currently generating 485kw and with more in the pipeline it will soon be up to 500kw.

Sunlit are donating a solar array to Wedmore Scout Hut and the scouts will be fundraising for a battery. Blackford village hall are applying for funding for their own install. That will mean all community buildings have a solar installation.

Wilder Wedmore

A follow-up meeting has agreed to run some one-off ‘pop up’ events in 2024, and revisit whether to do another festival in 2025. The group agreed a spend for a churchyard rewilding project at Theale. The butterfly corridor project plants have been ordered – 50 buckthorn whips will be given out to local landowners to encourage the Brimstone butterfly.

The eel legacy project continues. Recent meetings with the Drainage Board and the Somerset Wildlife Trust. Plans to upscale the eels in classrooms project next year. Eel Conference planned for 5th July at the Red Brick, Glastonbury.

Proposal to create a bursary fund for young people to apply with their own nature projects.


Steve mentioned an excellent Adaptation toolkit which he will re-introduce at a future meeting for workshopping.

Steve has met a local Green Wall installer and keen to explore possible options for Wedmore.



The Wedmore Community Farm continues to progress, and a crowdfunder will launch shortly.

Worthington Woods – group met recently to look at ways to improve maintenance schedule. A shed to house tools to be installed. Plans to replace the sign and suggestions of more bug hotels and more wild flowers to attract pollinators. A date to be set to meet up over the Christmas period.

Next Meeting

Dec meeting will be a working meet up at Worthington Woods for 9.30-12.30 on Thursday 28th Dec, bring snacks

Thursday 25th January 2024 7:30pm at our new venue The Bluebird Café.

News Wilder Wedmore

Walk to Terry’s & Gooseham Community Wood

Wilder Wedmore has left several legacies, such as the Somerset Eel Recovery Project. Another is a step by step guide, helping people to reconnect to nature, it has been sponsored by Morpheus Environmental Consulting. The guide helps people access Terry’s & Gooseham Community Woodlands.

News Newsletter

October 2023

Event Updates

  • Big Tidy Up
    Sunday 5th November from 10am at Susannes yard in the Borough.
  • Repair Cafe
    Saturday 11th November. Please let Steve know if able to help. Volunteers needed for help in the café and baking cakes.
  • Terry’s Community Orchard
    Sunday 3rd December at 10.00am. There will be a work party to do some pruning and replace some tree stakes. Thanks to Adam for all his work. There will be a follow-up planting session in January for trees in memory of Rob, Liz and Rosie. Details to follow
  • Wedmore by Lamplight
    Wednesday 13th December 6pm. It was agreed we would have a joint stall with the Village Farm. Cookbooks and soup to be sold.
  • Warm in Wedmore
    GW have undertaken to host a Wednesday/Thursday during the winter. The Wedmore Community Power Co-op are funding the Masonic Hall rental.

Zero Carbon Group Reports


Still little news on the 20mph this month. Several letters have been written by local residents to local publications recently which helps the cause. Rupert believes Alistair Smith (PC) is writing a response in next months’ IOW News which may have some update on the Pilcorn St footpath.

Somerset Bus Partnership held a stall outside the Village Store recently, lots of interested visitors and momentum for bus improvements. Better connection locally to rail is needed.


The Wedmore Community Farm: Leases to be signed very soon. Men’s Shed have already re-located and have started clearance work. Tristan is developing plans and looking at the CARE Farms model, a community tree nursery among other ideas. Huge thanks to Wedmore Real Ale Festival who granted £1,500 to the farm project. A new, separate bank account to be set up.


No update from Emily this month. Boost planned with some press coverage.

Ben updated that Bagley Baptist Church have now installed 45 solar panels, generating 18kw. This was funded with money from the sale of Wedmore Baptist Church, and it is hoped that more funding can be secured to add more to the array.

Nature & Carbon

SERP (Eel Project)

Geoff updated the group on developments. Lots of momentum and national press coverage. The charter is now live on the website There will be three main focus workstreams:

  • Community engagement and education – including a plan to have 50 glass eel tanks in schools around the area next Spring.
  • Story capture project – focussing on the history and social importance of eels in the locality.
  • Overcoming physical barriers – the recent straw rope workshop and work with the Drainage Board and landowners.

SERP having discussions with EA to try and secure permissions early for next spring for a capture and release assisted migration project.

SERP will be having a stall at SWT AGM on 18th November in Taunton. Plans for an Eel Conference in July 2024, and talks in progress to capture sound recordings of eels.

Wilder Wedmore Future

There will be a meeting soon to discuss possible one-off events to maintain the momentum.


Anthony mentioned the firm Essential Trading, based in Bristol. He suggested people interested in purchasing organic produce could group together as a buying group to gain wholesale prices. A minimum order of £300 is required.

Going to be an on-site meeting to discuss maintainence issues at Worthington Woods.

Proposal for change of workstreams

Steve presented some ideas to the group to change things up and freshen up how we report our actions and progress. PowerPoint presentation is here. The group discussed and while broadly in favour, there were some concerns about how understandable this language would be to the wider community, and a fear they may tune out. Who would take the lead for each group? Also, how would we share our monthly updates in IOW News and how would we share key information on the website. It was agreed to use the new titles of ‘Mitigation’, ‘Adaptation ‘and ‘Resilience’ but include straplines to aid understanding and tie them to current workstreams.

Next Meeting

Next meeting – Thursday 30th November 7:30pm at our new venue The Bluebird Café.

News Wilder Wedmore

Somerset Eel Recovery Project

SERP is a joint initiative between Green Wedmore and the Sustainable Eel Group – a Europe wide science led organisation

SERP was developed as an initiative from our Wilder Wedmore Nature Festival held in June 2023.

Checkout the new website for links to the charter, and social media:


Community Woodland

Why not visit the community woodlands planted and managed by Green Wedmore? They’re just a 15-minute walk east of the village centre on a circular walk. Look out for the newly-laid hedge between Terry’s Community Wood and Gooseham Community Orchard.