Worthington Woods

What is Worthington Woods all about, and how do I get to it?

It’s a joint project between Wedmore Parish Council, The Food Forest Project and Green Wedmore, who have worked together to provide our new food forest community woodland for everyone to enjoy. It can be found easily from the Wedmore Car park at the bottom of The Lerburne. The trees and bushes are still quite small so they might take a little while before they start producing juicy fruits and nuts, but in time we hope it will be the place to go foraging. On offer will be free apples, pears, walnuts, gooseberries, hazel nuts, cherries, elderflowers, crab apple, currents and blackberries! From Springtime, we hope to officially open the woodland, start mowing some pathways and then it can be freely visited from dawn to dusk!

Find out more about the woods and download directions and a map here!