Green Wedmore Carbon Challenge

But by how much, how fast and frankly, how??

For six years our family has worked to reduce our emissions. And it has been challenging; in the early days it was hard to discover how much CO2 we emitted and how to reduce it effectively. I recently found a helpful CO2 scoresheet. I’ve also developed a lifestyle audit where you can not only analyse how environmentally friendly your lifestyle is but see a path to more sustainable place.

To help people move to a lower carbon lifestyle is at the core of Green Wedmore and that is why we are launched the Green Wedmore Carbon Challenge.

The challenge goes like this;
  1. Yourself, your family or even business decide you would like to reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Contact me at the address below or on explaining that you would like to take part
  3. I send you a simple application form plus the CO2 scoresheet and lifestyle audit mentioned above
  4. You score your CO2 level and decide/pledge how much you would like to reduce your CO2 over the next 12 months.
  5. Let me know what your CO2 level and pledge amount is.
  6. Green Wedmore will plant a tree in our community woodland for every pledge
  7. At the end of the 12 months, re-score your CO2 and see how you have got on.
  8. Then let me know what target you would like for the following year. Over time I can keep track of your CO2 reductions.
Steve Mewes
Lands End Farm House, Heath House, Wedmore, Somerset. BS28 4UQ